Coronavirus and St Peter's and Sark Chapel

All legal restrictions around Covid have now been lifted.

However, we would ask all people attending worship or events  not to come if unwell or to ensure a negative lateral flow test before attending to protect themselves and others

We have handgel at the entrance to the churches. Please use it on entering and leaving.

We have masks available for those who may be more vulnerable or would prefer to wear a mask

Please observe sensible social distancing when appropriate

Communion at St Peter's is offered first by priestly intinction as a Covid-safe administration for those who are vulnerable or feel the common cup poses a risk to their health. The common cup is then offered to the remainder of the congregation who wish to partake in this way.This is in response to requests for members of the congreation fopr both methods and approximately half opt for each method of administration.

At Sark Methodist Church, individual disposable cups are used for the non-alcoholic wine, but all partake together to emphasise our communion with each other.

In all cases the Minister ensures use of hangel and other precautions.

These precautions show love for our neighbours and ourselves, we would be grateful if you could observe them.