Restoration Work - first report

In the wet weather we all don waterproofs to protect us from the rain, but have you noticed that very often you can arrive at your destination, wet on the inside, even though the coat did not leak. This is because the heat from our bodies causes us to sweat and it gets trapped inside the efficient  waterproof coat. Something similar is happening to our church building.

Every five years the Anglican Church makes an inspection of all of its buildings and grounds. The church here in Sark joined this system in 2009 and the results of its first quinquennial inspection led to the refurbishing of the inside of the church. However there was one outstanding part of that inspection which was deferred until the next inspection as there was so much to be done. The second inspection was carried out in 2014 and there are some small items to be addressed, plus the major one from the last inspection. This major work will be the repointing of the entire outside of the building. Twenty years ago, when it was last done, best practice was followed, but unfortunately, with hindsight, it is now acknowledged that cement mortar does not allow the walls to breathe and as such the building is at risk of damp getting trapped and going inward, instead of outwards. Some of the plaster will also have to be removed from the inside back wall to dry out the walls of the tower in particular.

In order to avoid, if possible, the mess and disruption during the summer months when the tourists are around, we hope to complete any works during one winter season. This will mean the need for covered scaffolding so that it can be worked on in all weathers.  As you can imagine, this will be a very costly, but essential method.

As we begin 2016 we are launching a fundraising campaign to pay for this work. All monies for this particular work will be kept separate from the normal church finances and will all go specifically to the work on the church building. All fundraising events for this project will be signed as such and we hope we will be able to count on your support in order to protect the structure of the building for some time to come. We do not know how long it will take us to raise the funds needed, but we are currently working on precise details in order to obtain costings for the work. If we can raise sufficient funds by October, we will be able to begin this winter, but that is by no means certain at this stage. We do know that time is of the essence though.

We will keep you updated on this each month.

We do not want our delightful church to catch a chill from wearing the wrong coat.

Watch this space and keep up with our progress reports.


Rev'd. Julia Dallen