• St Peter's Church and our Dark Sky Island

    Welcome to our website for St Peter's Church, Sark 

    We hope you find the information on our website helpful. It also includes information for the Methodist Church in Sark.We are currently redesigning our website and a  new Churches of Sark website is planned which will have all the details of both our churches in one place.

    If you are visiting Sark, do come and visit our lovely churches, come to one of our services or enjoy the events which are happening. Visit the Calendar pages or see our noticeboards, Facebook or Twitter for more information. Also feel free to contact our Minister and say hello to David or have a chat over a tea or coffee. He and his wife Alison have now moved from The Vicarage to

    Maison Rouge ( on the way to The Window in The Rock, just past La Seigneurie)

    For further information and day to day news also please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages @sarkchurches.     David's mobile is 07839700020