Sermons and Meditations

Sermon Sunday 2nd October 2022
Mustard seeds and faith- is it that simple?

Sermon 25th September
A reflection on serving God, drawing from our late Queen's example

Sermon 28th August
Jesus and Jeremiah, reasons to be humble? (Why do we read the Bible?)

Sunday 21st August 2022
How do we reach today's generation with our good news?

Meditations for Sunday morning service 14/8/22
Two dramatic pieces reflecting on the lectionary readings for today

Sermon 7th August
How often are you asked about your faith?

Sermon 24th July 2022
To pray, or not to pray, is that the question?

Sermon 17th July 2022. The Cosmic Christ
Readings Colossians 1, 15-28, Luke 10, 38-42

Sermon 10th July 2022, The Good Samaritan
Who is my neighbour?

Sermon 26th June 2022
Are we ready to commit to Christ?